In-home piano tuning and repair service is my specialty.

 We also specialize in piano refinishing, rebuilding, restringing, complete restoration service.  We can make your piano like new again.

I’ve been tuning pianos here in Forsyth Co. & Cumming, Ga. since Jan. 1966.  


We have competitive pricing on piano tuning. There is a service call charge of $50.00 to come out, and to tune a piano that has been tuned regularly & timely requires only a routine tune at $100.00

If it has been more than a year or two since it was last tuned, and/or if it has been moved, Then it could need the next level of service, A tune plus a pitch raise, this would cost another $100.00.

I can usually fix any minor repair your piano may need in your home, they would be estimated at time of service, Or you could call me and get a better estimate on the phone 770-539-0523 cell.

Major repairs would be estimated and brought to the shop for full repairs.

Thanks, Dave.



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